Saturday, November 3, 2012

How about those Harmony Club Dolls?

Well, Life has been busy lately and lots of things going on. For one my mom is working again! Praise be to the working gods! Now maybe mom will buy me a new dress. I will not hold my breath. Wait, I do not breathe! Well, she did buy a Halloween outfit for my 18" doll friend, from Harmony Club Dolls! She is so lucky. I did not even get dressed for the holiday. Hmmm. Well, and on top of that, because she played along on their facebook page, there is an actual Harmony Club Doll coming to live here! What? How can I compete with all of this? Well, whatever makes mom happy!!!  I think she still likes me best. At least I ALWAYS get to travel with her! Until next time I can sneak on to the computer, Love, GinnyW.

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