Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sometimes when I don't get to travel, I play in the yard. On this day, I talked Kramer into swimming with me. The pool is deep so we used life rings. And since we are being so safe, we had a couple of drinks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About Ginny's Playground

I am Ginny W. I am a Travel Doll. I am a Vogue Ginny doll and came to live with my person in the summer of 1998. We have been fast friends ever since. I have been many places and I need a place to keep track of my adventures. My person helped me set up this blog for that purpose. I hope that it will help me remember my life as I get older. My brain does not hold much.

Here is a photo of my best travel companion Kramer and me posing on a post. You can see there is still work ongoing at the beach in Galveston. Today is the second day of the 2009 hurricane season. This picture was taken on May 13, 2009. We hope there is no storm here this year. I hope to post many fun adventures here and hope you will come by to visit once in a while.
Yours truly,
Ginny W.